I’m trying to read World War Z in Swedish, and it’s going slowly–I’m far from fluent.

I remember trying to read Las Bicicletas son para el Verano for a course in college, and it was a painful experience. At the time I thought I was pretty fluent in Spanish, but as I read I realized I was vocabulary rich, but language poor. I didn’t know phrases, and couldn’t think in Spanish. I was basically reading and translating word-for-word, and it was tedious. I’m sure I missed a lot.

So, World War Z. It’s been on my reading list, and I haven’t read it in English or seen the movie. Even so, now that I’m a better reader and writer than I was in college–and even though I’m less literate in Swedish than I am in Spanish–I’m finding this foreign language reading experience far more enjoyable. It’s easier to move through the language and understand the point, even if I don’t understand every word.